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Woody Buick-GMC

Highland Park Lincoln 
1333 Park Avenue West
Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone: (800) 984-9000


Highland Park Ford 
1333 Park Avenue West
Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone: (800) 984-9000

Schepel Buick-GMC



Gurnee Jeep



Fair Oaks Ford 

Bill Kay Buick-GMC



Zimmerman Lincoln


Spring Hill Ford




 Anthony Buick-GMC





Napleton Ford


Haggerty Buick



  Packey Webb Ford






Gurnee Ford


Haggerty Ford


Bettenhausen Chrysler-Jeep

Bettenhausen Dodge

Christenson Chevrolet

Gurnee Chysler



Gurnee Chysler-Jeep-Dodge



Advantage Chevrolet


Wickstrom Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge



Wickstrom Dodge

Haggerty Chevrolet

Advantage Chrysler




Advantage Dodge

Bill Kay Chevrolet

Feeny Chrysler




Feeny Dodge


Hoskins Chevrolet

Sherman Chrysler





Sherman Dodge

Libertyville Chevrolet


Marino Chrysler



Marino Dodge


Woody GMC



Weil Cadillac

Bettenhausen Jeep

Schepel Buick-GMC




Shirey Cadillac

Bill Kay Buick-GMC




Heritage Cadillac



Wickstrom Jeep

Anthony Buick-GMC





Advantage Jeep


Ettleson Buick-GMC





Feeny Jeep


Haggerty GMC





Sherman Jeep

    Marino Jeep
For information on how to have your dealership listed, contact Chadd Wickert at 847-871-1515 or by e-mail at   
Why Buy American?
The United States was once considered the automobile capital of the world, producing and selling more cars than any other country.  AM 560 WIND wishes to help the U.S. regain it’s position as #1. 

When you buy American-made automobiles, not only are you putting a new car on your driveway, you are actively stimulating the LOCAL economy!

In order to simplify your search, AM 560 has created this directory of quality Chicagoland area auto dealers to assist you in your search for finding the perfect American-made vehicle that will suit your needs and the needs of your family.

to read a CNN Money article about a recall from Toyota and Honda!

CLICK HERE to read a CNN Money article about another recall from Toyota!

CLICK HERE to read a U.S. News and World Report article about buying American-made vehicles!

CLICK HERE to read a recent article from the Northwest Herald entitled, "POLL: American's say U.S. cars top Asian autos".