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Congrats BLM, Chicago Just Experienced Its Deadliest Weekend Of The Year

Nov 01, 2016 -- 9:49am

Against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter-inspired calls to dismantle police departments across the country, the city of Chicago is now reeling from its deadliest weekend in decades.
“Seventeen people were fatally shot in the city between Friday afternoon and early Monday, an extraordinary toll for this late in 2016 even in a year that is far outpacing last year in shootings and homicides,” reports The Chicago Tribune. “The victims included an eighth-grade honors student and twin 17-year-old boys.”
Seven of the victims of this weekend’s horrific violence were younger than the age of 20. According to data compiled by the Tribune, the “weekend violence marked the deadliest so far in what has been Chicago's most violent year in decades…”
Lamenting the massive uptick in gang-related violence, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called for a crackdown on “ gun offenders” at a press conference on Monday.
"It was a tough weekend, but that just goes back to what I've been saying all the time," he stressed. "Listen, until we start holding repeat gun offenders accountable for these crimes, we're going to keep seeing cycles of gun violence like this."
Johnson has been under intense scrutiny for the last few weeks for failing to curb what has become war-like violence in Chicago’s South and West sides. Blaming the red-herring of guns, Johnson has been particularly defensive about the nature of the violence tearing the city apart.
Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the books, and yet shootings appears to plague the city with shocking frequency. The fact of the matter is, these shooting are perpetrated by criminal gangs with easy access to weaponry through the black market. The majority of the crimes in Chicago are black-on-black crimes. Black assailants target innocent black victims in predominately black neighborhoods.
The problem starts at home as fatherless households give way to delinquent children, particularly young boys unable to escape the cycle of poverty. Failing to locate a path up the socioeconomic ladder at the city’s failing, teachers-union saturated public schools, these would-be doctors, engineers, and lawyers wind up dropping out of high school and roaming the streets in search of a stable income and perhaps even a community of like-minded individuals. With suggestive graffiti tagged along nearly every sidewalk in the south side of Chicago, gangs and drug-dealing enterprises become attractive and easy accessible options to the city’s most vulnerable residents. This vicious cycle will continue indefinitely unless Democratic politicians who have been monopolizing the city’s civic institutions for several decades actually take bold and perhaps even ideologically divergent steps to change the status quo.
Don’t hold your breath, though.
Democrat politicians across the country have been teaming with the race-baiting movement, Black Lives Matter, or BLM, to focus the spotlight on the police rather than the communities affected by gang-violence. The few and rare instances of police malfeasance have overshadowed the hailstorm of inter-community crime. These violence-ridden communities need more police officers patrolling the streets not less.

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